Project Files

The following are links to documents relevant to this project including current township and county documents as well as draft chapters of the proposed resolution. Check back regularly for new documents as the project progresses over the next year.

Existing Documents

These are links to documents that are being reviewed as part of the project to update the Boardman Township Zoning Resolution. Click on the underlined text to link to the applicable document.

Boardman Township Zoning Resolution  - The existing document that will be revised as part of this project.
Boardman Township Zoning Map  - The map that illustrates how the township is divided into various zoning districts.
Boardman Township Strategic Planning and Zoning Action Plan  - An action plan that outlines goals for this project.
Mahoning County Subdivision Regulations  - The county maintains subdivision rules that impact development in Boardman Township.
Draft Documents

Draft documents and chapters of the new resolution will be posted in the future after they have been initially written.

Boardman Township Zoning Resolution Evaluation  - This is a report that outlines major areas of improvement for the project to update the Boardman Township Zoning Resolution.
Building a Better Boardman Survey SUMMARY  - This link will allow you to review the summary of an online survey that took place in Spring 2019 with over 1,000 responses.
Building a Better Boardman Open House Boards  - This link will allow you to review the various boards that were on display at the October 7 open house that summarizes major changes.
DRAFT ARTICLES  (September 5, 2019) - The following is a list of the articles that will be in the overall zoning resolution. Click on the articles with bold and underlined text to review the draft of that article which has been reviewed by the steering committee and revised based on the committee's comments. You may also download the full resolution by clicking on the button below.
PUBLIC HEARING DRAFT  (October/November 2020) - The following are links to the public hearing drafts of the zoning resolution and zoning map that will be considered by the township as part of the adoption process. If adopted, the new zoning will become effective on January 1, 2021